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Tax Preparation and Truth in Advertising

Tax Preparation and Truth in Advertising Several of the tax software companies advertise that they can turn you into accountants if you pay to become one of their software subscribers and talk to one of their representatives a few times. Voila, you can instantly become an accountant.  What is wrong with this story? Critical Questions While some will be able to make entries of some kind on their software, most will lack the [...]

New Business Start-ups

New Business Start Ups According to the US Census in 2018, small businesses have employed 1.9 million people and account for 47.5% of the entire American Workforce. These statistics encourage many of our clients to contemplate new business start ups. The untold part of that story is that 20% of start ups fail in the first year and almost 60% fail by the fifth year. According to Forbes magazine the following three issues are [...]

Taxpayer Advocates Report to Congress

Taxpayer Advocates Report to Congress The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) is a behemoth document containing nearly four million words, further complicated by the most sweeping tax reform since 1986, the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA), passed in December 2017. Learn about Taxpayers Rights regarding answers to questions (both simple and complicated) surrounding these tax changes.  Read full report in our resource center.

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