Representation for Unpaid IRS Tax Cases

Tax Attorneys

Should I hire a tax attorney if I have unpaid taxes?  It’s a question that is often asked when facing an unpaid tax problem. Experienced Tax Attorneys are more than capable of representing taxpayers!   It’s very important to keep two things in mind … Tax Trained and Experienced.

Trained in Tax Law

While all attorneys are trained in various aspects of law, not all attorneys have in-depth knowledge of tax law and therefore do not specialize as TAX Attorneys.  Tax laws are a complex beast and subject to frequent change.  A qualified Tax Attorney should have specific and deep knowledge in Federal, State, and Local tax laws in order to best represent you in mediation or litigation of unpaid taxes.

Tax Case Experience

The second important element to keep in mind is “Experienced’.   While it is true that Tax Attorneys have Tax Training, IRS cases and settlements can be a completely different type of case.  Settlements are conducted between an IRS tax agent and the person you choose to represent you as the taxpayer.  Person to Person.  When your representative has proven experience working directly with IRS Tax Agents, better outcomes follow.

A representative ( whether a Lawyer, Enrolled Agent, or CPA)  that has experience with revenue agents and has displayed integrity, cooperation, timely responses and a knowledge of current tax laws can find opportunities for reasonable compromise far easier.  Great responses to IRS questions that are not delivered when and how the Agent asked them to be submitted is actually a set back for the taxpayer to overcome.  Most IRS Agents have 20 to 30 unpaid tax cases at a times to solve.  The IRS Agent, the taxpayer, and the representative all want to get to a acceptable compromise as soon as possible.  A representative with vast experience will help everyone get to the end goal sooner, and typically with better outcomes.

Find a Representative for Unpaid Tax Issues

It’s such a critical step!  Interview your potential representatives and be thorough.  Ask for previous customer contacts that a representative has worked with, preferably on cases similar to yours.  Call their references.    If you need guidance to navigate through this very important topic, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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