• Specialized in working with Small to medium size businesses
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services for start-up businesses and established businesses
  • Small business payroll processing
  • Federal (IRS), State, and Local tax calculations and filing
  • Tax returns for both business and small business owners
  • Experience with many types of small businesses including service, retail, distribution, transportation, financial, farming, construction and long-term care businesses.
  • Business consulting services for small businesses

Accountant for Small Businesses

Accounting services for small businesses are unique.  Typically an accountant for a small business provides bookkeeping and accounting services for the company, but also serves as the accountant for the small business owner or owners.  The financial impact of a decision made on behalf of the business can often have a significant impact on the financial outcome for the owners.  So much to consider.

As a small business accounting firm, we have extensive experience with this terrain.  We know advantages and disadvantages of ways to structure your businesses.  We have best practices for how to setup accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses. Tax experience? We have plenty of that as well as certified Enrolled Agents to help your small business through any sticky tax situations with the IRS.

It all starts with a brief conversation to see how best we can help you and your business.  Give us a call.  Let’s get started!

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