IRS Letters – Notice of Deficiency

If you have unpaid taxes, the letters from the IRS come in abundance and from many different IRS offices.  The letters typically provide the amount of taxes owed and provide the type of tax such as 941 and period covered.  After reading the first ten or twenty you start to just put them in the pile with all of the others.

Warning>>>>>> Read them all and take specific notice for this phrase” Notice of Deficiency”.  That language is normally on the very first line of the letter and looks very similar to others but has a far more important meaning.

Notice of Deficiency is the term that is telling you without making it clear that the only way you can dispute the findings in that letter is to file a suit in Federal Tax Court within 60 to 90 days.  If you fail to file the suit on time……..whatever the letter says becomes indisputable in any way.  Whatever it claims you owe……….you cannot contest.

So, read your IRS letters and look for this terminology.  If you see that phrase call an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax Attorney.  Our office has several Enrolled Agents and can assess the situation to provide course of options. Contact our office to get started.