Letter from the IRS

Almost every taxpayer will, over the course of time, receive tax correspondence from a state or federal agency questioning some tax issue.  Unlike any other communication in life, tax questions immediately create a level of fear and anxiety.  Far too often, taxpayers accept whatever is said by the taxing agencies and, unfortunately, pay taxes, penalties or interest never actually owed.

So, our first response in representing a client with tax issues is to access client records on the IRS files and review each file in the context of reports and filings.  If issues are discovered, we immediately initiate communication with the taxing agency and begin the resolution process. If needed, we determine the best solution for the taxpayer with respect to a formal dispute, a payment plan or an offer in compromise.

Always keep in mind that one thing that the agencies will not accept is no answer at all or late communications back with the revenue agent.  So, if you find yourself in such a position, find a trained and qualified representative and immediately take action.

Top Reasons for Tax Issues

  • Poorly prepared return

  • Poorly trained agent

  • Failure to provide all needed information with a return

  • Misunderstanding from business owner of what tax liabilities are required

We have over 30 years of representation experience and have a respected position with the agencies at both federal and state level. Are you facing tax issues?  Learn about our Tax Resolution Services and  contact us to discuss your options.

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